Snail Repairing V3 Cream


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Product Description


1. Vital

More energy to your skin. The abundant moisture soothes and smoothens your skin with Centella Asiatica and Snail mucin, that also protects and enhances skin

2. V-line

Transform your faceline. Retrieve your flexible skin with borago officials seed oil, green tea extract and other anti-wrinkle natural ingredients

3. Visible

The effects are clearly visible! The cream permeates deep into the skin with natural ingredients that provide flexibility, nutrition, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidant functions.


Recommended for those with

Dull skin due to lack of moisture

Dull skin due to stress and inconsistent life style

sensitive skin that is affected by minute stimulus

the need to enhance their overall skin


How to Use  

1. Spread and massage the cream in the morning and evening, after basic care

2. Apply on the chin and on wrinkled areas on the neck 


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